After the testing phase, the project tools have been disseminated in different events, such as the EURO TECH multiplier event in Alicante, which brought together companies, institutes, and Professional Training centers such as: IES Gran Vía, Inyectados Mega S.L, CIPFP Mislata, CIPFP Canastell, IES Caminas, IES El Palmeral, Oficina Europa - Districte Digital, Atrae Foro de Energía S.L, IES Dr. LLuís Simarro, Robottions (Orbelgrupo), CIPFP Eduardo Merello, CIFP Carlos III, CEIV, Vizologi , CIPFP Eduardo Merello, IES La Malladeta, CIPFP Valle de Elda, CIPFP Canastell, IES La Torreta, Aqualai.

The multiplier event in Romania was represented by educational institutions directly interested in improving the learning performance of students with disabilities. Among the local institutions, we highlight the Bacau City Council together with the Bacău Local Development agency, schools and technical colleges. At the regional level, they had the participation of the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection of Bacau, a regional institution that works with disadvantaged categories of the population, including people with disabilities. Another important participant in the event was the Community Support Foundation, which has institutional partners from Great Britain, Norway, Switzerland, Germany and Italy and which has collected 25 national and international awards and recognitions by promoting social responsibility and excellence in the field of NGOs.

Finally, the last of the multiplier events was presented directly within the EfVET International Project in Finland.

In addition to the previous entities, the project has been published in several publications within the Alicante Plaza digital newspaper, also in the Edumanager magazine that has national coverage in Romania and has been presented at events such as the International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference in Prague.